911570138-brainstorming-authority-conference-room-business-meetingLife in a new city presents daily challenges. Wouldn’t it be ideal that his employee had inadvance an impression of the atmosphere, the region and customs? That is the first step inthe integration in a new environment.

Orientation and guide in the place

• Orientation Tour agreed in advance
• Information about life in the new city
• General information about the purchase and rental of housing
• General information about public and private schools, kindergartens and day care
• Places of purchase (supermarkets, shopping centers, etc.)
• Information on public transport
• Information about sports clubs and cultural institutions in the area
Processing of visas, residence permits and others
• We arrange work visas, permits of residence, etc…
• Driver‘s license and documentation of the car
• Authentication certificates or copies of certificates
• Apostilles

The housing search assistance

• Contact with the employee for the determination of the individual needs andrequirements for the future home
• Development of the profile of requirements
• Systematic search and pre-selection of suitable objects, made using the profile
• Organization of visits to homes
• Accompanying visits of houses or apartments
• Negotiation of the lease
• Coordination of the payment of the security deposit and the real estate agentCommission
• Accompaniment and supervision in the delivery of the property

Formalities after moving

• Connection of telephone and Internet (if desired also can provide advice aboutcompanies and telephone and internet rates)
• High–electricity, gas and water

Integration services to facilitate the familiarization in the new city

• Support in the selection of school and kindergarten, as well as the inscription on thechosen establishment.
• Advice and organization of language courses
• Assistance in opening a bank account
• Organization of counselling for insurance (insurance of household, liability, etc.)
• Lists of foreign–speaking professionals (doctors, dentists, pharmacies, lawyers, taxconsultants, etc.)
• Delivery of a list of numbers of telephones, addresses and most important web pages
• Telephone counselling


• Advice on the educational system of the country
• Support in the selection of school, kindergarten or day care
• Formalities for registration

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